WHO warns about how important world mental health is. The number of people suffering from mental health disorders continues to grow worldwide. Existing health problems can include panic attacks, according to the Today website. The number of people experiencing psychology problems is also increasing in America, even though it is easy to access mental health services. The number alone could be more than 60 million Americans, or less than 60% of those accessing mental health services.

Understanding Mental Health is Important for World Society

Sufferers need to manage mild psychology disorders so that they don’t get worse. Someone who experiences more severe psychology disorders can experience stress. Sufferers who experience advanced stress can develop depression. The people around them need to care so that sufferers can recover. The closest environment, such as family and friends, needs to be sensitive to people with these symptoms.

Explain that people suffering from mental problems are nothing to be ashamed of. We should be concerned about the environment, not only on World Mental Health Day. We need to be sensitive and empathetic to the people in our environment every day.

How to Maintain It

You can maintain your psychology every day, so you can prevent mental illness. Based on the NIH website, we can improve our mental condition by doing regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and thinking positively.

Everyone should exercise every day for 30 minutes. You need to try to get up early and walk around the house. Do this exercise every day, and you will feel the benefits on your body. Smooth blood circulation can make a person have a better mentality. You can also add some light stretching and warm-up exercises.

A healthy diet and adequate sleep greatly influence mental health, according to the University of Michigan website. Avoid junk food and consume nutritious food. Nutritious food can improve mood so that a person avoids depression. Apart from consuming nutritious food, you need to sleep 6-7 hours every day. Getting enough sleep is increasingly important for people who work in high-pressure environments.

Positive thinking is also important for maintaining mental health, as reported by Mental Health America. You can try writing down your worries on paper and directing yourself to write positive things too. Read writing that contains positive words at night.

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