A Virgin Australia Jet aircraft with the Boeing 737-800 series experienced an engine fire. One of the engines died, and it is believed to have been caused by a bird attack. The plane managed to land in Invercargill safely with 67 passengers and six crew members. The destination of this Boeing 737-800 flight is Melbourne, Australia.

Virgin Australia Successfully Landed Well

Not long after takeoff, flames began to appear on the Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The pilot attempted to land the plane, and the fire brigade immediately put out the fire. Firefighters managed to reach the plane’s position about 50 minutes after the Boeing 737-800 took off from Queenstown. The cause of the engine fire on Boeing 737-800 was not immediately known.

Then, after conducting an investigation into the flight engine, AP Virgin Airlines shared an email explaining the cause of the engine fire. All of this was caused by bird attacks. The machine had a collision with a bird. This type of event is very rare in New Zealand, with a probability of 4 in 10,000 flights.

The consequences of a collision with a bird can vary, depending on the part affected by the collision and the size of the bird. After the plane successfully landed in Invercargill, all passengers stayed there overnight. They will fly again after a new schedule is arranged. The airline is currently focusing on providing support to all passengers involved in this fire incident.

“We will provide support in the form of transportation and accommodation to all passengers,” explained Aggs, quoted from FOX Business.

The airline also expressed its appreciation to Invercargill Airport because this support enabled the rescue of all passengers and flight crew. Invercargill Airport responded quickly to the incident.

There was a witness to this plane fire, Darren Robinson, who said that he heard a loud noise. Then he looked out directly at the Virgin Australia plane, which had caught fire. He saw that the part that was burning was one of the plane’s engines.

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