An interesting crypto to discuss this time is Litecoin, which has managed to show positive results in a few days. The price tends to be stable and shows a slight increase. The lowest point of its price was only $78.2 at 05:45 AM, according to Coin Market Cap. At the time this article was written, the price of this crypto reached $84.29. The price increased by 10.32% in one day. circulating supply is around 74,260,769 LTC currently. Meanwhile, the total supply available is 84,000,000 LTC. However, don’t immediately get emotional about investing in Litecoin before reading this to the end.

Is Litecoin suitable for investing?

Basically, every investment has its own risks. The greater the profit that investors can get, the greater the risk. Moreover, crypto is an investment that has no physical form, so it is volatile. Why do many financial experts say this type of investment is volatile? For crypto, including Litecoin, the price is very dependent on the amount of demand and supply. Apart from that, investors with the highest wealth can be in control of this business. The value of crypto also really depends on the regulations made by the government in a country. Statements in the media can also affect the value of Litecoin immediately because they are directly related to the issue of investor trust.

If we look at Litecoin’s value graph in the last 7 days, the value will show a line that increases from $68.29 to $84.29. However, you need to study this curve over a period of 1 month to the last few years. In the past month, the value of this crypto has decreased to the lowest value of $66.97 on February 5, 2024. Then the curve started to rise slowly on February 6, 2024. After that date until today, the value shows a curve that tends to rise. A drastic increase in value occurred on February 29, 2024.

It’s just that the value of Litecoin, as seen from the graph for the last year, doesn’t show a good enough value. Coin Market Cap gives a red color to the value of this crypto as of today. However, experts say that the value of this crypto could increase to $663.96 in early 2030. Of course, the prediction is that the value will increase slowly every year until 2030. We remind you again that this is only a predicted value and is not yet a fact. No one yet knows whether the value of this crypto will remain positive several years later.

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