If you’ve ever been on vacation or just visited Japan, you must be familiar with Japanese Commuter Rail. Now there is good news: foreign tourists can pay for this transportation using a credit card or debit card in 2024. Tourists who intend to use this payment method must have a platform created by Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group. Each tourist is required to bring an online ticket along with their credit card or debit card. If you want a more practical way, tourists can pay using the QR code on their smartphones. It is also hoped that this renewal of payment methods will boost Japan’s economy through tourism and transportation.

Japanese Commuter Rail Makes Easy for Tourism

But tourists who often vacation in Japan should buy a Suica card. Tourists can use Suica cards to ride transportation operated by Pasmo and the East Japan Railway. Using the Suica card is also quite easy; prospective passengers only need to tap the card to get a ticket.

Based on Asia Nikkei, allowing credit cards for transportation in Japan will greatly increase tourist convenience. The company that launched this program also offers a number of attractive promotions and discounts to its users who shop around the station area. Of course, we recommend that you only buy essential needs so you don’t waste your money while on vacation. However, the renewal of this regulation considers that there is the potential for slightly longer queues at the transit card usage section.

Foreign tourists can also read the regulations on credit card usage on the Osaka Metro subway website. According to the website, now foreign tourists can use credit cards at vending machines. The pass vending machines themselves have a pink color. It’s just that you can use certain types of credit cards to pay, such as JCB, Master Card, VISA, American Express, and Diners Club International. This payment system also offers refund procedures with certain regulations. Everyone who wants to carry out refund procedures is expected to bring the credit card used to buy the ticket. We also recommend that you always save

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