Many of the younger generation are fond of K-pop idols, so they follow a lot on Instagram. K-pop idol fans often do Instagram follower tracking. Is your idol in the category of having the largest number of fans?

Kpop Idol with the Most Instagram Follower, According to Tracker

K-pop fans definitely know Lisa, who is a member of Blackpink. Lisa’s account, called Lalalalisa_m, holds the record as the K-pop idol with the largest number of followers. So who do the second to fifth positions hold?

1. Lisa – Blackpink

Lisa Blackpink had 103 million followers on June 17, 2024. This idol has many achievements in the entertainment field. The large number of fans enabled her to establish his own agency, called LLOUD. The first time the agency released it, the post immediately received 50,000 comments and 4.6 million likes. In May 2024, Lisa will collaborate with the Kith Women brand through the brand’s Summer Collection.

2. Jennie – Blackpink

Jennie has the second-most famous popularity after Lisa. The number of followers reached 84.8 million on Instagram. The large number of fans she had encouraged her to establish her own agency, too. She officially launched her own agency called OA (ODD ATELIER) on December 24. Even though she has her own agency, all her activities related to Blackpink are still under the auspices of YG Entertainment.

3. Jisoo – Blackpink

In third place is Jisoo who is also a member of Blackpink. She has 78.6 million Instagram followers. This also triggered her to build an agency called Blissoo. Blissoo is managed jointly with her older brother’s company called BIOMOM.

4. Rose – Blackpink

This Blackpink member, Rose, is also not behind in terms of popularity in the entertainment world because of the large number of fans. Rose Blackpink has a number of followers, reaching 78.2 million. Even though it was rumored that he would establish her own agency, there has been no official statement about this. However, she has released a solo track entitled Vampirehollie.

5. V – BTS

The fifth record for K-pop idol with the most followers on Instagram is held by V from BTS. The number of V followers reached 65.6 million. Popularity led him to collaborate with many parties, including IU. V collaborated with IU on the song “Love Wins All” in 2024. The MV for Love Wins All has received 69 million views since it was first released four months ago.

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