Indonesian food is known to be very diverse and has distinctive tastes. One of the famous foods is bakpia. Tourists themselves can find lots of Bakpia brands as souvenirs. If you are looking for famous and delicious bakpia, you can buy Bakpia Hikmah Tulungagung. The founder of this business is Imam Sukrawardi. He started the business on a small scale with only around $10 in capital.

TThis Indonesian Food Was Started On A Small Scale

Sukrawardi started a business with his wife. The wife has knowledge and experience in making bakpia because she once helped her brother’s small business. The business they started only started with very little capital. However, they try consistently to maintain the taste of the food. Then they also promote consistently through word-of-mouth.

Their business was finally able to grow and now has many employees. Sukrawardi shared his experience via Pecah Telur YouTube account, saying that becoming a bigger businessman is not easy. He can’t just give orders to employees so that their working hours continue to increase. Now the rhythm of his activities in the morning is to wake up at 2 a.m. and rest at 11 p.m..

Sukrawardi emphasized that consistency in working hard is very necessary. The number of incoming orders can now reach 2000 boxes every day. Meanwhile, the number of employees working at his place now reaches 23. He explained that bakpia making still takes place semi-manually.

He explained that the raw materials for making bakpia came from the factory. This allows them to reduce competitive selling prices compared to other brands. The initial sales target is wedding food and snacks for people who come to mourn. Their promotion is done strictly through word of mouth. Daily business turnover now reaches US$611.

Sukrawardi explained that incoming orders are not proportional to the number of employees. He often refuses incoming orders because they exceed his daily production capacity. If he wants to increase the amount of production, he is constrained by a space that is not large enough.

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