The Toronto and Ottawa regions are under warning of a prolonged heat wave. According to the Aldergrove Star, temperatures there can reach 45 degrees Celsius. People living in the Toronto and Ottawa areas need to be careful. A warning was even given to people who live on the border of Quebec and Sault Ste. There is a possibility that extreme hot temperatures will affect air humidity levels.

There Is Something Unusual About The Heat Warning This Time

According to Gerald Cheng, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, the estimated heat wave that occurred was beyond normal limits. In general, the highest temperature during the day is 25 degrees Celsius, and the lowest temperature at night is around 14 degrees Celsius. It is predicted that the heat wave will travel eastward to reach the southern part of Quebec. Of course, the New Brunswick region will also be affected by these temperature changes.

The emergence of heat waves with abnormal temperatures is caused by climate change. Temperatures that are too high can cause health problems for people living in affected areas. Elderly people, children, and other groups of people are more vulnerable to experiencing health problems due to heat waves.

It is important for people living in areas affected by heat waves to maintain body hydration. They also need to reduce various activities outside the home, especially during the day. Everyone also needs to continue to listen to and obey public health experts. People also need to care about elderly people who live nearby, because these people are more likely to experience health problems due to heat waves.

Not all schools in the Toronto area have air conditioning. This week, the schools plan to turn off the lights, turn on the fans, and close the window curtains. This can minimize discomfort for students, staff, and teachers in the classroom.

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