A network company in Indonesia, PT Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison Tbk., is currently establishing serious collaboration for AI development with many companies. Indosat chose to collaborate with Nvidia and Huawei. The collaboration was carried out in order to support capital expenditure (Capex) program for 2024. The company said that they had prepared at least around IDR 12.7 trillion for Capex this year.

Capital expenditure is Useful for Indosat business development.

President, Director, and Chief Executive Officer of Indosat Ooredoo Hutschison, Vikram Sinha, stated that Capex is needed for many things to develop Indosat’s business. Capex is useful for increasing capacity and networks, so they are stronger. Apart from that, these funds are also useful for expanding the reach of the network to remote areas of Indonesia. The company plans to reach remote areas in Indonesia, such as Papua and Maluku. In order to realize the provision of a resilient network, they also collaborate with various foreign companies on a global scale.

Collaboration allows them to utilize high technology to manage data centers. Indosat also collaborates with Huawei to carry out AI-based digital development. Collaboration also takes place in order to build industrial applications, increase talent competency, and build an ecosystem. Now they have signed an MOU for the project. Indosat hopes that the development of this project will be able to help the Indonesian people take advantage of digital transformation for the sake of the nation’s development in a positive direction. Good digital reach to remote areas can also improve people’s welfare because they are able to learn the latest skills and knowledge.

Meanwhile, collaboration with NVIDIA was carried out to support Indosat’s AI service project with Lintasarta in the context of procuring the latest-generation data center. This project aims to build a hyperconnected system that uses artificial intelligence. In this project, Lintasarta is trying to provide access to special AI by providing GPU-as-a-service.

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