The Apple Company often makes interesting product breakthroughs among people around the world. But recently, Apple said that they were stopping the electric car project for a decade. This news was conveyed by Jeff Williams and Kevin Lynch as Apple executives. Even though the project involved quite a lot of employees, According to Bloomberg, the number of employees involved in the EV project is around 2,000.

Termination of the Electric Vehicle Project by Apple

The company also said that employees working on EV projects will move to AI projects. Apple will focus more on developing its products in the field of AI. The termination of the project itself occurred due to the launching deadline in 2028, which was too tight. It is too challenging to complete the Apple EV project in such a short time.

The project was also seen as less ambitious in terms of car design. They only emphasize existing vehicle features, such as self-driving features. Drivers can be more relaxed while driving with self-driving features. Apart from that, they also designed the EV to be self-parked and stay centered in a lane. These two features are very useful for making the driver’s work easier.

Long before Apple executives decided to stop the project, they had already considered it carefully. They expressed that they were very worried about the sustainability of this EV project. Moreover, the company has poured quite a lot of funds into developing the project. Business Insider explains that the funds disbursed can reach hundreds of millions of dollars every year. The funds are quite large for a project. Even though sales of one vehicle are planned to be around $100,000,.

Not yet finished with the development of the EV project, the company has experienced trials in the form of low sales growth in the EV sector. However, the sales plan for one Apple EV remains at $100,000. Last week, EV manufacturer Rivian explained that it was losing $5.4 billion per year. This incident made the company reconsider and led to the decision to stop their EV project.

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